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Movie clip of the day!

My movie clip of the day features a movie that, quite frankly, has been - thankfully - stuck inside my head over the past few days. "Mississippi Grind" is a grity and entertaining road picture featuring Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds as a pair of gamblers hoping for Lady Luck to appear while driving from Dubuque, Iowa to New Orleans.

The film delves into the messy, grimy and sobering world of the degenerate gambler, but Mendelsohn and Reynolds deliver excellent "root-for-the-underdog" performances despite their characters' sometimes lack of well, character. Mendelsohn is particularly astoshing here, and he deserves to be recognized at Oscar-time. With all due respect to "The Martian", "Mississippi Grind" is the best movie in theatres right now.

Credits: A24, Movieclips Trailers (YouTube)

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